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Private assets and alternative strategies have featured in institutional investment portfolios for decades, allowing pension funds, insurance companies and endowments a wider range of investment opportunities that have not historically been available to individual investors.

Furthermore, private equity has consistently outperformed traditional equity indices over multiple time frames during the last 25 years. This simple fact has led many institutional investors to switch to private equity from public equity investments.

At Dot Investing, it is our mission to make the best private market and alternative investment strategies available to you.


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We use state of the art technology to support a streamlined subscription process. Our automated onboarding solution allows qualified investors to invest in our range of funds, in accordance with all relevant regulations.

Investors are pooled into a Feeder Fund which subscribes to the Target Fund as a single limited partner (LP). We perform all the onboarding, KYC/AML checking, operational aspects and reporting to all the underlying investors that have invested through the Dot platform.

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